ECM Chat


Ahhhh...the glorious noise of a room full of women - throw in the odd man or two - then ask a question and get everyone's opinions from favourite restaurants to childbirth to who has the best rib recipe! As you can well imagine, the chatter gets unbelievably more exciting as the night goes on and at times, it's rather hilarious!

THAT's #ECMChat...well, except for the part where everyone is home in their jammies, with a beverage in hand...alone on their computers. Or, at least, as alone as a mom ever is as at any given moment, someone needs another bedtime story, is arriving home from their first date, has to be driven to a sports practice or is comfortably sleeping in momma's arms...after just having nursed while mom types quietly away...hoping not to burst out laughing for fear of waking the baby!


Every second Wednesday evening, the East Coast Moms host a Twitter chat at 9pm. A chat for East Coast Moms, by East Coast Moms (or those who have Moms or just love Moms)! All you do...follow the #ECMChat hashtag and join the conversation!

Essentially, we wanted a way to bring together bloggers, moms, supporters and local join in on a conversation and have a little fun. We have asked folks their opinions on a great many topics and have had some rousing and heart-warming conversations in the process.

Each #ECMChat, we invite a sponsor to be part of the fun and join in on the conversation...tell us about their product or service. AND, at the end of the one-hour conversation, we give away a prize to a lucky random winner. We have had fantastic sponsors to date, mostly local companies, and we've learned a great deal about new and exciting businesses on the East Coast!

We are creating wonderful conversation, having a couple of laughs and gaining some brand new friendships in the process.



The following is a list of chat topics over the next few months. Please contact us if you'd like to be a sponsor for one of these nights. As a sponsor, you will provide a giveaway (under $100) that will randomly be drawn at the end of the chat.