East Coast Moms


Why hire a Brand Influencer? A Content Creator? Someone who's engaging on Social Media or a Story Teller?

Simply put...folks are listening! Social Media is the new "Word of Mouth." The East Coast Moms each have a unique view on the world...each of us will "sell" your product or service a little bit differently depending on our relationship with your brand. We share our ideas with our readers...our friends.

We are telling OUR STORIES using YOUR PRODUCTS!

BUT, you should know one thing when working with us individually or all together, the East Coast Moms want to retain our own identities...be our authentic selves. We work with brands that we would personally recommend and when we work with you, we are excited to put our names behind yours. We're East Coast Moms...and incredibly proud of it!

Drop us a line...we are always happy to sit around a table with a cup of tea and help brainstorm new and exciting social media campaigns. We will build the right team of social influencers to work with you...all the while, we're having a pretty good time.

East Coast Style!